Waterproof Microphone

360° omnidirectional sound pick-up

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Outdoor Waterproof Microphone for CCTV security Cameras

Function Features:
ECM high sensitivity microphone enables the pick-up sounds clearly and naturally;
360° omnidirectional sound pick-up, with high fidelity, low noise, and wide dynamic range;
Built-in LPDE water proof membrane and stainless steel explosion-proof mesh;
6 dB EQ technology doubles the sound pick-up distance;
AGC volume automatically adjusted based on the environment;
Built-in pressure control amplification technology and self-adaptive noise reduction system;
IP65 design is suitable for outdoor environment, e.g. squares, stations, and etc.;
Compliance with RoHS standard, and do not include harmful substances in structures that prohibited by the EU;
Compliance with EU CE standards, US FCC certification, and Synchronous Audio and Video Regulation of Supreme
People's Procuratorate.




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